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Join our community for access to dedicated mentors, curated resources, and quality instruction that will launch your computer science journey to the unimaginable.

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This is

Propelling talent to compete at the International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI).

Calibrating your competencies

We want to understand your starting proficiency at the core. IOI is primarily a competition of thinking, underlining the importance of understanding and building the adequate problem-solving mindset by the time you compete.

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Tailoring a study plan that fits you

Let’s face it. There is an endless sea of online content clouding your approach to preparing for competition. If you are getting started, the road to building a foundation and constructing the right study plan can be daunting. You will have access to both our funnel of helpful resources and backed guidance that will steer you in the right direction to meeting your objectives

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Learn from the best

Be coached by adept programmers, including previous IOI medalists, that will guide you in every step of the way.

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Hear It from Our Mentors

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If you are passionate, curious and hard-working, you have the perfect material to become an IOI medalist. We realize the importance of personalized guidance, and this is why we are here to help.

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Being an IOI medalist is not a dream — if you are willing to put in the effort. If you are truly curious about algorithmic problem solving and enjoy thinking about problems on your own, then competitive programming is for you! You shouldn't be cracking your head just to obtain IOI medals, you should be enjoying the learning and problem solving process, and with enough work, the results come naturally. However, it might be hard to find a community who can help you when you are stuck, and that is where we come in.

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I believe this is about shattering the imaginary "wall" some of us perceive between competitors from the strongest countries and the rest of us. With guidance and enough effort, people from every country in the world can compete at the same level as top IOI medalists.

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The only prerequisites for IOI are hard-work and excitement for math, coding, and puzzles. Many people meet this criteria but do not know how to start. We will shatter your static friction by giving you the force you need to start, continue, and enjoy competitive programming to the fullest.

You have what it takes to rise to the top in programming. We are here to fill in the gap.